Stress and Techniques to Relieve It

The normal situation in which the organism is functioning optimally is called homeostasis. However modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations and demands which can disrupt homeostasis and lead the organism in a state of stress. For many people, stress is so common it becomes their lifestyle.

Stress and Techniques to Relieve It

Stress is defined by three basic symptoms : insomnia, anxiety,
fear and depression. Today, according to all world statistics these symptoms
affects 25 percent of the world population.What does that mean? If world has 10 billion population, at this moment 2.5 billion people suffer from these three cardinal symptoms.

There are a number of stressful events which can rise the level of stress:

  • The death of a child
  • The death of the spouse
  • A sentence of imprisonment
  •  The death of a close family member
  • Infidelity the spouse
  • The huge financial difficulties
  • Commercial failure
  • Relocation of the job
  • Spontaneous abortion of child
  • Divorce
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Hospital treatment of a close member of the family because of serious illness
  • Death of a close friend
  • Start of  extramarital relationship
  • Loss of the personal worthy object
  • The failure of schooling
  • Child marriage is against the concept of the will of the parents
  • Canceling the engagement
  • Frequent marital argue
  • Frequent arguments with parents
  • Frequent arguments with the partner
  • Huge loan
  • Departure of the son in the army
  •  Menopause
  • Taking an Exam
  • Separation from spouse
  •  Change of working time overtime work
  • Retirement
  •  Change the working conditions
  • Baby growth
  • Pregnancy
  • Child adoption

Stress can last for months a so called prolonged stress and can damage our cells our body and our health.

There are different ways to deal with your stress, personal relations with close people with which
we can discuss everything, share emotions can be very usefull. Set priorities, decide what must be done and what can wait, relax, think positively and most important sleep well. There are also lot of different exercises this one you must try as soon as possible!



Stress is not always bad. In small doses, it can help us pressure worked on some work and motivates us to do our best to work out, work it as best we can.