Try Linden Tea To Get Rid Of Many Health Problems!

The lindens have started blooming, so it is time to harvest and try this beneficial flower that has powerful healing strength.

Try Linden Tea To Get Rid Of Many Health Problems!

The flowers are harvested in between 10am and 12pm before the strong sun, so that the essential oils don’t vapor off.

Linden tea is an efficient remedy for digestive problems, and linden honey is highly appreciated.


In people’s medicine, many European peoples have used linden as a remedy for different health problems. According to the legend, the sun is “caught” in the linden flowers, so when someone drinks linden tea, the sun’s warmth enters the body, causing sweating.
When sweating, the body is cooling and getting rid of fever. The linden flowers had been long used for relaxing the nervous system. Linden tea is one of the herbal teas that has no limit in consumption. Even kids can consume linden tea.

When you replace coffee with linden tea, you will soon feel stress relief. It is a sweat relaxer, especially efficient with intense nerves. Instead of tea, you can also do a warm bath.


Many women use linden during menopause to minimize the anxiety and insomnia problems. Doctors even recommend its use to help with PMS.


The linden’s relaxing effect works on the cardiovascular system, especially in the cases of atherosclerosis and hypertension (the linden decreases the blood pressure). Experts claim that linden flower heals and strengthens the blood vessel walls.


Doctors claim that linden makes the blood more liquid, less thick, thus preventing serious conditions. Furthermore, the linden works in preventing plaque in the blood vessels, and it has mild effect on the coronary vasodilatation, decreasing the risk of heart attack. People that already take meds to make the blood thinner, usually given as therapy for regulation of high blood pressure, as well as other heart medications are advised to be cautious, since linden can strengthen the medications effect. So if you take this medicine and want to regularly consume linden tea, talk to your doctor first.


Linden tea affects sweating, so it is recommended for lowering body temperature in cases of flu or colds. That is why it is good to prepare a stock of this tea now, so you have it in winter. One American research showed that linden flowers help in kids with early stage respiratory diseases, and prevention of inflammation of the inner ear which is often followed by these infections.


The linden bark tea is prepared this way: get 1.05 oz. – 1. 41 oz. of chopped bark and cook it in an open pan, in one liter of water, until the amount of water does not come to half, which is sufficient for 1-2 days of use. Some experts even recommend drinking up to 3 liters of this tea for the first few days, and then go on with 1-2 cups a day until complete healing.