Tips on how to protect the skin from sun damage

Did you know that, as we age, our skin becomes thinner and more sensitive to sun damage? It is therefore very important to take extra care and avoid the negative effects of tanning, something that a lot of people neglect because of ignorance.

Tips on how to protect the skin from sun damage

It is a proven scientific fact that ultra-violet (UV) radiation coming from the sun can cause skin cancer. In addition, the exposure of the skin to sun can cause thinning of the skin and develop wrinkles.

Having some extra color on the skin is not bad, and if protection is taken while sunbathing, it can be a harmless and enjoyable experience. Here are some guidelines that should be followed in order maintain the skin health while taking a sunbath:

1) Have the sunscreen on the skin all the time

Remember to reapply the sunscreen every 3-4 hours during the day. Often times in the beach the sunscreen is washed away which removes the protective barrier that shields the skin from UV radiation of the sun.

2) Make sure that the sunblock contains either zinc or titanium

When choosing a sunblock product, check that it contains either zinc or titanium, which are the main elements that protect the skin from the sun radiation.

3) Apply the sunblock at night, right before sleep

Only about one out of a hundred people knows that the sunblock also needs to be applied to the skin at night, right before the skin. That way the sunblock removes the radiation effects that were collected during the day and help maintain the healthy state of the skin.

4) Use cleanser and toner before applying the sunscreen

To achieve maximum results, a cleanser and a toner should be applied prior to using the sunblock. They soften as well as condition the skin by removing the impurities, preparing the skin for applying the sunblock.