Use This Herb and Eliminate Arthritis, Flu Virus, Sore Throat and Diarrhea

Thyme essential oil has excellent antiseptic properties and that’s all because it contains thymol, an active compound.

Use This Herb and Eliminate Arthritis, Flu Virus, Sore Throat and Diarrhea

There is a recent research that how that thyme essential oil has the ability to reduce pain. And this is not its main health ability.

Better Than Ibuprofen

There is a lot of studies that show how thyme oil beats out ibuprofen when it comes to pain relief. One study included 84 ladies with difficult menstruation. They all had between 15 and 24 years and were all suffering from dysmenorrhea. They all showed symptoms such as nausea, back pain, dizziness, and headaches.

This research showed that thyme essential oil better affected this condition than ibuprofen.

Health Benefits of Thyme Oil


This oil can work as a tonic and it tones up the heart, digestive, circulatory, and nervous system, but also skin and muscles.


Using thyme oil, you will solve obstruction of circulation and accumulation of uric acid in the blood. Booth of these causes gout, arthritis, and rheumatism. Your circulation will increase and rheumatism will disappear.


You can use thyme as an antiseptic in order to treat your wounds. It is healthier than store-bought products because it has Caryophyllene and Camphene in it.


Thyme is a great cure for people who have low blood pressure because thyme keeps blood pressure balance in a natural way.

Additional Uses

  • Because it is a diuretic, thyme is beneficial in the treatment of infections of the bladder and the urinary tract
  • It can be used to kill off nail fungus
  • It can be used insect repellent
  • Used for vaginitis and candida
  • You can use crushed thyme as first aid for insect stings and bites
  • If you add thyme to hot compress relieves gout, sciatica, muscle pain, rheumatic pain, sprains, and sports injuries
  • Used to kill off parasites
  • It blends well with lemon, lavender, pine, bergamot, and grapefruit
  • You can apply undiluted thyme essential oil on athlete`s foot, animal bites, and boils. Make sure you protect the skin with some cream
  • Massage thyme essential oil to stimulate menstruation or missing periods
  • Use it as hair tonic, a face wash, or a treatment of warts and acne
  • Thymol, the active compound in thyme oil, has been shown to facilitate healing by increasing blood flow to the skin
  • Thymol protects the healthy fats in cell membranes
  • Stir in thyme with lavender, cedarwood, and rosemary in a mixture of grapeseed and jojoba oils to treat alopecia areata