Try This Granny’s Remedy For Bad Coughing And Sore Throat!

It is a season of colds and flu and most people currently have problems with sore throat too.

Try This Granny’s Remedy For Bad Coughing And Sore Throat!

Even if you have visited the doctor, you will need some time before therapy actually starts working and you feel relief.

If you want to speed up your recovery, turn over to this old remedy from or grannies that we have taken in our childhood for sore and irritated throat, which our doctors also prescribe today as a miracle for the lungs too.

What we are talking about is burned or toasted sugar.

This beverage is also known as sorbet and caramel milk, but however called everyone has the same conclusion – it efficiently reduces couching, it accelerates the secretion and expectoration of the mucus from the throat, it relieves chest and lungs pain and if you have difficult coughing problems it has a calming effect to the whole organism.


Take 2-3 teaspoons of sugar and put them on a stove. The sugar will quickly melt, that is why it is better to stay close to the stove because it is easy to burn it.

When it comes brown and liquid-ish, apply about a cup of milk immediately, and let it boil.

Leave it to chill for a bit, but make sure you consume it while it is still warm.

How and Why you need to consume this drink?

Sinuses and nose

While the sugar is melting, you can see a bit of smoke that has strong smell.
If you have inflammation of the sinuses or runny nose, inhale this smell, ensuring you do not overdo it, because if you do – it can lead to headache.


If you have dry cough or sore throat, it is best to prepare this drink right away.

It will calm the pain and the soreness in the throat while at the same time accelerate the maturing process of the cough and also reduce the time of having the condition overall.

Chest pain

As the coughing process matures, we get stronger and more intense attacks of coughing that can cause strong pain in the chest and lungs, especially to smokers.

In this case, Slavic doctors still recommend this remedy as a true balm for the lungs.

Better sleep

Do you think that kids drink warm milk before going to sleep just because? You are wrong!

Drinking warm milk before going to bed relaxes the body, so the process of falling asleep is shorter, and the quality of the sleep is better.


If you accidently burn the sugar, throw it away and make a new one because the burned one won’t help, all it can do is cause nausea.
Moreover, if you have fever do not consume dairy products.

If you like the taste of burned milk, like most people do, you can consume it even if you are not sick because it cannot do any wrong.