Use This Trick To Spot Harmful GMO Products!

We are all aware that fruit and veggies are very good for our health and should be a part of our diet. Full with essential ingredients for us like vitamins and minerals – they help us in keeping our organisms strong and healthy.

Use This Trick To Spot Harmful GMO Products!

However, the production of fruit and vegetables is also important. As in every other, in this industry also, big companies want to make profit. Harmful Genetically Modified Organisms can be included in the fruits and vegetables we want to consume to stay healthy.

Genetically Modified Organisms Dangers

GM organisms, have had their DNA altered or modified through the means of genetic engineering. The industry of genetic engineering goes pretty far. There are even GMO pigs that glow in the dark, because of the jellyfish gene that scientists have inserted into theirs. Tomatoes that are frost and freeze resistant have also been bred, by using antifreeze genes from the winter flounder cold-water fish.

The way the big companies want to make profit is producing foods that last longer, and are resistant to drought, disease or cold. In the U.S., close to 90% of the cotton, corn, soy and canola that are sold have been genetically altered. Even though the U.S. Government has approved the use of GMO’s, still these organisms have been connected to allergic and toxic reactions, damage to most organs in lab animals, sick, sterile or dead livestock. The GMO’s effect on human organisms is a topic of wide debate, however knowing what these altered genetic organisms can do to animals, perhaps it is better to stay on the safe side.

How To Spot GMO Produce

Some countries require for genetically modified foods to be labelled (64 in the world), but in the U.S. that is not the case. So, determining whether a certain product is GMO can be quite of a challenge. However, looking at the sticker can help, if you follow the instructions bellow.

  • A 5-digit code that begins with the number 9 indicates an organic fruit or vegetable.
  • A 5-digit code that begins with the number 8 indicates a GMO crop.
  • A 4-digit code starting with the number 4 indicates the produce was conventionally grown with chemicals and pesticides.

Avoid the second two, no matter what. Shop organic to be sure that you are not buying GMO products. Another good point is that you will support local organic farmers if you shop at farmers’ market nearby.