These Are the 3 Mistakes You Are Making in Your Diet Regime! Here’s How to Fix Them!

Has it ever happened to you to feel hungry just one hour after a meal? If this is something that happens often, do not think that this is due to fast metabolism or the need of larger amount of food, but look for the answer in some of the mistakes that you might make in your diet.

These Are the 3 Mistakes You Are Making in Your Diet Regime! Here’s How to Fix Them!
  • You don’t consume enough plant fibers

One of the most common mistakes in the diet is that we forgot the importance of plant fibers. We focus on the macro-nutrients – proteins, carbs, fats… But, our body needs plant fibers too in the daily diet according to nutritionists’ recommendation. Unfortunately, the research shows that we consume much lower amounts than we actually need. With this, we decrease the body’s capacity to perfectly function and we don’t use the power that the fibers have over the loss of appetite.

How to consume more fibers?

The easiest way to do this is to replace the “white” carbs with the brown ones. The flaxseed is also a great choice for a food supplement.


  • You don’t drink enough liquids

This is broadly discussed, but again, research and experience show that the shortage of liquids is one of the biggest mistakes regularly repeated. Our body needs a lot of liquids, 12 glasses for women and 16 for men per day. If you exercise, you need even more. This will additionally help you to prevent hunger attacks.

How to drink more liquids?

Always carry a bottle of water with you. Drink every time you see it, don’t wait until you feel thirsty – at this point your body is already dehydrated. Drink water, teas and sport drinks while you exercise. If you have a serious appetite problem, drink half a liter before and after meal so that your body signals the brain that you are full and then continue consuming liquids until the next meal.


  • You don’t eat enough vegetables

The veggies decrease the feeling of hunger because it contains about 90% water., but also a large amount of fibers. It does not have many calories, so you can consume larger quantities. A minimum of three handfuls a day of green, orange, red or yellow veggies.

How to eat more vegetables?

Veggies need to be a part of every meal. Do not only rely on main meals, add it in drinks, and use it as a healthy snack. Instead of becoming tempted to munch on something unhealthy in between meals, get a carrot for example, it will keep you full and fresh.