What’s that pink corner in your eye: The Third Eyelid?

Have you ever wondered what a petty pink part in the inner corner of the eye is and if there is any function?

What’s that pink corner in your eye: The Third Eyelid?

Looking at your eye near your nose you’ll notice little pink triangular structure which has been  subject of much discussion and debate, especially amongst evolutionists and creationists. This area of the eye is thought to be a remnant from our evolutionary history, when we had a spare eyelid which performed the function of the outer casing to protect the eye.Today some birds, reptiles and some mammals (polar bears, seals and aardvarks to name a few) do still have this interesting translucent structure.


Arctocebus calabarensis

So what’s the main function of this triangular structure?

This part is mostly affected during allergies which can cause inflammation and because the release of histamine in tissues and tears, this section feels itchy and causes itching.

Mainly it allows  to secrete things which may contribute to our tears and their functions in protecting our eyes, keeping them moist and healthy, but could be a remnant of a third eyelid? If it is, shame that we didn’t retain it,it would have been great to have built-in sunglasses and underwater goggles!