The Woman That Discovered the Elixir of Youth Is 73 and Looks Like 30

Do you believe that the lady on the picture has 73, or maybe you think she is in her late 30s. The correct answer is: she is 73 and many people think that she is the most vital woman that living on the planet earth. Her body line is perfect and she has skin that many dream of.

The Woman That Discovered the Elixir of Youth Is 73 and Looks Like 30

Many women want to know the secret behind Annette beauty, but actually there is no secret. She trusts nature and always when she has some health issue, Annette treats naturally.

Annette has never taken any medicine or supplements which are expensive packed chemicals. She has very well understanding about the herbs and their appropriate usage. Additionally, she is growing veggies and fruits which are totally organic.

People telling very interesting stories about her family. They say her 40 year old sons look like as if they all grew in the same generation and her husband looks as if he is her grandfather.

Annette practicing vegetarian lifestyle for years. Her diet is mainly based on salads and juices, and she believes that the vegan diet is her elixir of youth.

Her daily routines start every day at 5am. She works in her garden, and rest of the day she prepares healthy meals, and does regular household activities. She is also very active on the social networks, especially on YouTube by offering bunch of healthy tips on her channel. See the video below and be inspired of this awesome woman.