10 Tips on Staying Healthy

Don’t forget that simply being aware of what you are putting in your mouth is the first and most important step regardless of your goals.

10 Tips on Staying Healthy

Remove the crap from your kitchen

Try to remove crisps, chocolate, softdrink, etc. from your kitchen and do NOT buy it at the supermarket. If you’re in a situation where you can’t chuck stuff out (e.g. living with people who aren’t changing their lifestyle) then try tip 2…

Hide any tempting snacks out of sight

When snacks are visible you are so, so much more likely to eat them. It’s a psychological fact. Hide the unhealthy choices at the back of the pantry and make them tough to get to.

Use a shopping list and eat before grocery shopping

Supermarkets and stores are quite literally designed to make you buy more. Ever noticed the chocolates near the checkouts? It’s not an accident – my first job was as a checkout chick and our management called it the “Impulse Bar”. Use a shopping list and stick to it to the letter. Eating a meal before you go will also reduce impulse buying!

Prepare meals in bulk

Not only are homecooked meals less likely to contain a whole range of chemicals and preservatives, but they also mean you save money and time, and you have all the control over what goes into them. Great meals for reheating include soups, stews, curry, stir-fry and sauces. If you like salads, why not prepare some diced beef or chicken with a sauce of your choice (e.g. Teriyaki chicken) to reheat and pour over fresh-bought veges throughout the week? It gives you a hot salad that will hit the spot and be much more beneficial than pairing them with rice.

Prepare healthy snacks in advance – make them visible and easy

You can also pre-prepare snacks by buying a large packet of nuts, some mini-protein bars, and some canned fish/chicken/turkey – bulk buying these with some large sandwich bags means you can pack snacks for yourself in advance. Put the little bags in the fruit bowl or on the counter in an easy-to-grab location and keep one in your handbag for when you get a craving – you’ll know you have an easy, convenient, and healthy option close by!

Use smaller plates and dishes to control portion size

Here’s an experiment for you… Get two bananas, put one on a small plate and put the other on a large plate. No matter how close to identical those two bananas are, your brain will tell you that the small plate has a bigger banana on it, and it will communicate that info to your stomach. This is a simple and terrific way of improving portion control.