These Advices Will Give You the Most Beautiful Body Line!

The famous American trainer Sheila Cluff presented great ideas for help, which could enable you to include your exercise into any schedule.

These Advices Will Give You the Most Beautiful Body Line!

1.No time for a half an hour exercise at once? Try to divide this 30 minutes into three sessions of 10 minutes. Research shows that this way, you will have the same effect.

2. Consumption of healthier food of better quality will result with a better look: half a citron instead of a half avocado saves 120 calories.

3. Jump with a rope for 15 minutes and you will burn about 125 calories. This is a great aerobic exercise that eliminates fatty layers (besides, you can bring the rope to any travels)

4. When you feel food cravings, drink a glass of water. This way you will have 5 minutes to decide whether your body really needs that food.

5. Walk about one and a half mile, 3 days per week. This way you eill give energy to your life, and not just years.

6. Do not skip meals if you are trying to lose weight. Food moves the metabolism which contributes towards burning of calories.

7. Tone the inner side of your thighs: lay on your back with bended legs. Hold a pillow between the legs to easily work the abs. keep the position while you count to 10, and then relax. Repeat this 10 times.

8. Regular exercise during dieting not only helps in preserving muscle mass, but also enables you to spend 25% more calories than people the diet without exercising.

9. Pick a level of exercise proportional of the level of your body condition. Fitness programs should give you energy, not exhaust you.

10. Stop muscle inflammation increasing the exercise intensity 2-3% the most, every week.

11. Do not go for unhealthy sparkling drinks and other drinks that are full of sugar.

12. Make sure you have 15 minutes daily just for yourself. This is your time for meditation, warm shower or stretching. These 15 minutes should be an addition to your regular exercise.

13. Give yourself a realistic goal. Instead of telling the whole world that you are on a diet, promise yourself that you will adopt a healthier way of eating – less fats, sugars and salt, and more food rich with fibers.

14. Drink lots of water. Drink it before, during and after exercise. Remember – thirst is very important. If you ignore it, you are in danger of dehydration.