Things To Do After Over-Eating?

We have all been in a situation to lose our self-control in front of a dinner table full of yummy food to only deal with the consequences after. By consequences, we think of physical ones. This could happen easily during the holiday season especially. If this happens to you, here is what you can do.

Things To Do After Over-Eating?
  • What can you immediately do?

Chew on ginger or have a cup of ginger tea. It has been proven that ginger is effective natural remedy for nausea, gases and stomach cramps. For immediate results, simply get a piece of ginger and chew on it. If you cannot deal with the strong taste of ginger, you don’t have to consume it raw but make yourself a ginger tea.

Have a cup of mint tea. Our grandmothers and mothers were right, mint tea is a savior when it comes to stomach cramps.

Chamomile tea is equally good of a choice. If you don’t like mint tea, you can have a chamomile tea instead. The calming effect of chamomile tea will relax you and your stomach.

Go for a walk. Do not lay down right after eating. Resist the temptation to be lazy in bed and go for an easy walk. The walk will help the body to easily deal with the meal.

Find out which yoga poses are good for digestion and do them. It is very important you resist the desire to lay down right after a meal. Instead of being in a horizontal position, find out the best yoga poses for this purpose and you will feel much better.

  • The day after

Start the day drinking water with lemon. Get a glass of warm water and squeeze a lemon and drink it. This mix improves the food digestion and can help you if you feel bloated.

Do not skip the breakfast. The morning after you ate too much, you will probably feel that it is best to skip the breakfast. But, it is recommended to eat something easy like a banana, yoghurt, a toast with a thin layer of peanut butter or honey, an apple… Do not punish yourself with hunger, since if you skip breakfast, the possibility to eat too much later during the day becomes much higher.

Drink water. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to help the body to deal with all that food you had.

Get away from salt. Salt stimulates the body to absorb more water, so you will feel even more bloated. If you want to munch on something, go for unsalted walnuts, almonds or popcorn.

Have white rice for lunch. The white rice is easier for digestion, it calms the stomach and is especially useful if you have diarrhea, which often happens after overeating.