Amazing Breakthrough: Coconut Oil Destroys 93% of Colon Cancer in 2 Days

A devastating fact is that colorectal tumor is one of the most common types of malignancy among people, and there are too little studies on this type of cancer.

Amazing Breakthrough: Coconut Oil Destroys 93% of Colon Cancer in 2 Days

Pharmaceutical business still commands on an enormous number of therapeutic research and all of that research are centered around the money gain. Because of that, there are not enough useful and vital studies on some fields when it comes to cancer.

Despite that, a research from the University of Adelaide, Australia showed some progress. They have found that lauric corrosive (contained in coconut oil) can destroy more than 93% of colon tumor cells just two days after the treatment.

The Powerful Coconut

The results that coconut oil can beat cancer has yet to be researched better, but it is proven that you can use this magical oil in a fight against parasites, microorganism, and infections. It can be also used for healing wounds and treating liver problems.

Coconut oil can be additionally used to treat conditions such as heart sickness, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s illness.

The trial for the coconut oil and cancer cells has been performed in vitro in Petri dishes and rats, and in both cases results were amazing.

Effects of Coconut Oil

Clinical researches from the American Society for Nutrition showed that fat in coconut oil “might be valuable in the treatment and aversion of conditions, for example, diabetes, osteoporosis, viral ailments (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes …), bother bladder sicknesses, Crohn’s illness, and malignancy”.

Also, there are proofs that coconut oil can be used to decrease the symptoms of chemotherapy.