Check Your Health In Less Than A Minute!

Everybody is aware of the importance of monitoring the condition of the health, still not many of use are glad to pay a visit to a doctor.

Check Your Health In Less Than A Minute!

This is a simple way of checking the health condition while being at home.

Get a teaspoon and rub it off the tongue, making sure you are wetting it with saliva. Then, place the spoon in a plastic bag, making sure it is a transparent one, and keep it under a very bright light like either a desk lamp or the sun. Sixty seconds later, check the spoon. If the spoon is clean without stains or strange odors, it means you don’t have any issues with the internal organs health condition.

If there is an odor:

  • Sweet – it may point to diabetes
  • Strong putrefactive – stomach problems or lungs problems
  • Ammonia – problems related to the kidneys

If there are some stains:

  • White – indicator of respiratory infection
  • White and/or yellow with a thick coat – dysfunction of the thyroid gland
  • Orange – disease of the kidneys
  • Purple – high level of cholesterol, bronchitis or poor blood circulation

Please note that the described method can only serve as source of information and does not replace a consultation with a doctor.