Animal Star Sign: What’s Your Birthday?


Animal Star Sign: What’s Your Birthday?

If you’d like to know more about your core personality based on the time of your birth, check out this unique animal star sign. It’s different than the regular 12 signs of the zodiac, but you might end up pretty surprised at the accuracy of it!

If you’re born between:

January 01 to January 09: DOG

January 10 to January 24: MOUSE

January 25 to January 31: LION

February 01 to February 05: CAT

February 06  to February 14: DOVE

February 15 to February 21: TURTLE

February 22 to February 28: PANTHER

March 01 to March 12: MONKEY

March 13 to March 15: LION

March 16 to March 23: MOUSE

March 24 to March 31: CAT

April 01 to April 03: DOG

April 04 to April 14: PANTHER

April 15 to April 26: MOUSE

April 27 to April 30: TURTLE

May 01 to May 13: MONKEY

May 14 to May 21: DOVE

May 22 to May 31: LION

June 01 to June 03: MOUSE

June 04 to June 14: TURTLE

June 15 to June 20: DOG

June 21 to June 24: MONKEY

June 24 to June 30: CAT

July 01 to July 09: MOUSE

July 10 to July 15: DOG

July 16 to July 26: DOVE

July 27 to July 31: CAT

August 01 to August 15: MONKEY

August 16 to August 25: MOUSE

August 26 to August 31: TURTLE

September 01 to September 14: DOVE

September 15 to September 27: CAT

September 28 to September 30: DOG

October 01 to October 15: MONKEY

October 16 to October 27: TURTLE

October 27 to October 31: PANTHER

November 01 to November 16: LION

November 17 to November 30: CAT

December 01 to December 16: DOG

December 17 to December 25: MONKEY

December 26 to December 31: DOVE

DOG: A loyal companion

Your loyalty is your greatest quality. You’re honest and sincere, hard-working, and a great friend. Lover of simple life, easy-going and hassle-free, you love spending time with like-minded people. You also have a good taste in clothes!

MOUSE: A mischievous smile

Would it surprise you to know you’re always up to some sort of mischief? Probably not! Your mischievous smile and a playful gleam in the eyes is what attracts other people – you’re a super-fun person to be with. However, you’re also quite sensitive, which means other people need to choose their words carefully when talking to you. You can also be quite vengeful!

LION: Peace-loving person

Contrary to the name, you don’t like aggressive people and situations. In fact, being a peace-loving person that you are, you try to avoid them whenever possible. Still, you have your ways with people, which makes you a born leader. You love being liked and adored, but be careful of false flattery!

CAT: An adorable, curious creature

You’re a very lovable, sometimes shy person, with a quick-wit. People like spending time with you, but you’re quite careful when choosing friends. You’re curious and like exploring things in depth. Although normally cool, when given a reason, you can be quite hot-tempered.

TURTLE: Niceness and kindness

You’re the epitome of niceness: you hate gossip and will never talk behind people’s backs; you avoid confrontations and arguments; you’re generous and always ready to help. When in love, you love unconditionally. A little tip though: sometimes you need to stand up for yourself!

DOVE: An optimistic bird

You’re a very positive, cheerful person, always trying to look at the bright side of life. You’re a good friend, great advisor and someone who likes to help other people. You dislike hypocrisy and will try your best to avoid hypocrites. The downside? You fall in love too easily.

PANTHER: A mysterious cat

You’re mysterious and you love it. Quite confident, you’re able to handle stressful situations with ease. You like to spend time with similar people and gossip. Whenever possible, you like to have things your way, which can make you a little inflexible.

MONKEY: Hyper!

You can be quite impatient and fast-paced; you want things to be done as quickly as possible. You’re good at heart, and a simple person who likes to be the center of attention. You also crave a sense of security, so you tend to be prepared for anything.