This Homemade Remedy Can Help With Osteoarthritis!

What we know as osteoarthritis is what happens when the cartilages are “emptied out”. Cartilage role is to act as an absorber for the shock that happens between the bones, allowing them to smoothly move against each other.

This Homemade Remedy Can Help With Osteoarthritis!

When this happens, it means that the bones have nothing to separate them and are rubbing against each other, causing pain and inflammation, preventing the easiness of usual moves.

As time passes by, the joins are deforming and change their form and even sometimes develop spurs around them.

The bone pieces detaching are caught in the free space that causes even more pain in the worn out joint.

This chronic condition limits people’s life because of the lack of progressive movement in the legs, arms and hands, however it does not affect the internal organs, contrary to rheumatoid arthritis.

This usually happens to older people, mostly women.

The following recipe for a natural remedy helps in coping with the condition, decreasing the inflammation and the pain.


  • A tablespoon of thyme, rosemary, mint and sage
  • A liter of water


First, boil the water and add the ingredients in it. If you can use fresh herbs, it’s the best, but if you don’t it is okay if you use dried ones too. Keep the water on heat for about 5 minutes, remove from heat and cover the pot leaving it to cool for 15 minutes. Keep the mixture refrigerated.


Consume one to two cups daily, for three weeks. You can add honey if you prefer, drinking it hot or cold.

Useful tips for prevention of osteoarthritis:

You need calcium, so in order to absorb it consume Vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in supplements and the natural way is to be exposed to the sun. Calcium makes the bones stronger and more resistant.

If you are overweight, the joints are over stressed and the effort to support the weight is double. Therefore, keep your weight under control.

Physical activity can strengthen the muscles that sort of “hold” the joints, and this is good protection.

Body posture is of crucial importance, since the spine can suffer from accelerated osteoarthritis when you are exposing it to bad positions for a longer period of time.