Caution: In These Five Situations You Should Not Drink Water!

It is commonly known that water is necessary for life and good health, but this does not mean that we should always drink lots of water. Sure, it is important what kind of water we drink, so in the next five situations think well before you reach for a glass of water.

Caution: In These Five Situations You Should Not Drink Water!
  1. You already drank a large quantity

Even though this rarely happens, it is possible to drink so much water that it can be bad for your health. For example, people are often tempted to drink an exceptionally large quantity of water at once, if they are engaged in exhausting sports or if they think that drinking (too) large quantity of water it would be the best way of detoxification.

It makes no sense to consume lots of water at once, because this is how the body loses the balance of sodium, which may cause nausea and vomiting. It is much healthful to drink equal amount of water throughout the whole day, in small quantity.

  1. Your urine is transparent

If the urine is transparent, clear and bright (lemonade shade), this means that your hydration status is good, meaning that your body is well supplied with liquids. But, if the urine has a darker yellow shade, this can be a sign to grab a glass of water.

  1. After you had a large meal

Drinking a large amount of water before or during a meal, can slow down the digestion and cause discomfort and bloatedness. Drinking water right after the meal is also not recommended, because we need to make the digestion tract able to peacefully deal with the food before we “splash” it with liquid again.

  1. If you have an intense and long workout

This does not mean that it is not desirable to drink liquids during the exercise, but that you need to consider the following: when the body is dealing with great physical effort, the body is losing important electrolytes like potassium and sodium by sweating. Therefore, you need to make it up, but often the clear water does not contain these in significant amount.

  1. When the water has “sweet secret”

We often get caught in a trap that clean, regular water seems too regular, when there are so many types of water with different tastes offered on the market shelves. Keep in mind though, that this type of drinks often contain lots of sugar, or even artificial sweeteners with “zero calories”.

However, research has shown that this type of sweeteners are not good for digestion, and they also increase the feeling of hunger and even initiate gaining weight. If you want to enrich your water with some taste, do it yourself with natural additives. Lemon, lime, cucumber, watermelon, berries or herbs can be a great choice.