Here Are 10 Simple Methods How To Control Low Blood Pressure

Although most people have problems with high blood pressure, there is another category of people that has a problem with low blood pressure. The problems of low blood pressure primarily relate to the feeling of being tired, sleepiness, headache, dizziness and overall difficulties of functioning.

Here Are 10 Simple Methods How To Control Low Blood Pressure

If you have diagnosed low blood pressure, we offer you a few ways to quickly regulate the pressure without any medicines:

1) Increasing salt consumption

Take one glass of water and add a half a teaspoon of salt. Drink when needed or twice a day.

2) Honey

If you feel dizzy because of low blood pressure, mix two spoons of honey in a glass of water, add a bit of salt and drink it at once. This drink will quickly rise your blood pressure.

3) Pomegranate

Using pomegranate for regulation of blood pressure is a great solution because the fruit is very delicious, and it has other health benefits for your body. It can be eaten, you can drink a fresh pomegranate juice, the effect is the same: mild increase of the blood pressure.

4) Coffee

Probably the most known recipe. A cup of black coffee will increase your blood pressure in half an hour.

5) Grapes

In case you did not know, raisins can increase the blood pressure. You will need 20-30 raisins to be soaked in a big glass of water overnight. In the morning, or during the day, drink this water and eat the rest of the raisins.

6) Water

Increase water consumption. Drink 8-10 glasses of water during the day and we guarantee your blood pressure will be higher.

7) Beetroot

Drink beet root juice twice a day.

8) Decrease alcohol consumption

If you consume alcoholic beverages, they cause dehydration of the body, which in turn causes a decrease of the blood pressure the next day.

9) Do not suddenly change the body’s position

People that have low blood pressure can have a problem when they get out of bed in the morning or during sudden position changes. That is why, when you wake up, you need to wait for a few moments and take a few deep breathes before you actually get up.

10) Easy physical exercises

Easy exercising and constant physical activity like walking, biking, swimming and similar, will regulate your blood pressure, regardless if it is higher or lower than normal.