Keep an Eye On Them: Nine Signs Of Kidney Problems

The kidney is one of the most important organs in our body, so we have to take care of it, of course. However, if something is wrong with the kidney, the symptoms will appear. Here are the most common symptoms of kidney problems:

Keep an Eye On Them: Nine Signs Of Kidney Problems
  1. Insufficient water intake

When you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys might be at risk. So, to avoid damaging them, advice is to drink about 10 glasses of water per day, and everything will be alright.

  1. Delaying the urge to urinate

Your kidney might be damaged if you delay going to the bathroom. It is very important to pee when you need to, and your kidneys will stay healthy.

  1. Drinking too much alcohol

Great amounts of alcohol in you organism may be deadly for your kidneys. Drinking alcohol too often might lead to a kidney failure caused by storing of uric acid in the renal tubules.

  1. Regular use of analgesics

Your blood flow to the kidneys may reduce if you consume too many painkillers, so be aware. People who already have kidney problems need to consult with the doctor about taking analgesics.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is bad for almost every organ in our body. Several studies proved that it can also cause severe damage to the kidneys, too. When you smoke your heart rate and blood pressure rise, and that lead to a greater risk of kidney damage.

  1. Lack of sleep

Mostly, people are not familiar with the problems that can be caused by the lack of sleep. Insufficient hours of sleep unable your body to renew its tissues, and that can be very very bad for your overall health. And for your kidneys too, of course.

  1. High salt intake

Surely, food is more delicious when you put the salt in it. But be aware of that, because high salt intake can be fatal for your kidneys, that will be unable excrete the sodium.

  1. Too much caffeine

Same as for the cigarette – drinking too much coffee will raise your blood pressure, and that is certainly not good for your kidneys health. Besides that, excessive consumption of coffee may provide stones in your kidneys.

  1. Ignoring common infections

The cold of flu may also cause some damage to your kidneys if you ignore them. So, when you are cold heal yourself, so the bacteria would not remain in your body and cause kidney disease.