Do You Have Sinus Pain or Sore Throat? Try This Remedy To Cure It All

People used alternative medicine for centuries and they used it to cure themselves and remove painful problems from their lives. Acupressure is one of the ways. There are many purposes to this technique and today you will learn how to use it.

Do You Have Sinus Pain or Sore Throat? Try This Remedy To Cure It All

Acupressure is much easier than acupuncture and you will only need fingers to use it.

Things You Need To Know Before You Start

First, you need to relax. Try to be calm and comfortable as possible, and sit in a comfortable chair. Don’t cross your legs.

Before you start with this technique, warm up your hands, rubbing them for 60 seconds or so. Your hands will be more sensitive and have better energy flow. Just start the massage by stimulating the point you want.

Acupressure Points on Your Fingers

Here are some points on your hands:

Tip of your thumb: The first section of the tip and you can message if you want to fight against the cold. You will feel better and relieved from cold, nasal congestion and cough.

The lower part of your thumb: While you massage your thumb, inhale and exhale slowly. If you have a sore throat, you will feel better.

Sinus pain: You can massage all four fingers, except the thumb if you want to feel relieved from sinus pain.

Influenza: Pads of all of your fingers are great if you have problems with influenza. Try massaging all fingers at once and you will feel calm and strong. You can also massage the skin between the toes and that can also help you.

Fatigue: Stimulate the point under the tip of your middle finger for fatigue.

Index finger: If you want to have a relief from abdominal pain, just massage your index finger.

Ring finger: Massage ring finger for relief from headaches.

Effects of Acupressure on Our Body

Here are just some effects of acupressure on your body:

  • It will maintain a good health
  • It has therapeutic effects and improves your overall health
  • It has diagnostic effect
  • It can make you feel stress-free
  • Improves oxygen flow through your body