Headache Relief Using Acupressure



THYROID, STRESS or STIFF NECK? For pain or Thyroid imbalances, use “Heavenly Pillar” (B10) the upper neck point, a thumb’s width below your skull & a thumb’s width from your spine’s midline. Hold firmly for 2 to 3 minutes while you breathe deeply.

B10 is also good for balancing body/mind conflicts, neck pain, emotional healing, menopausal issues & hormonal imbalances.

B10 is even more vital if the thyroid has been removed to allow the energy to flow thru this “gate” or the 5th Chakra. Use firm pressure on this point unless of a whiplash. Hold for two minutes, three times daily for best results.

MIGRAINE HEADACHE POINTS: GB20 is under the base of your skull into the hallows. Apply firm pressure for 2 to 3 minutes, 3 times daily while breathing deeply. Use these headache points also for relieving sleep disorders while you induce yawning. Good for stiff necks if you apply pressure gradually for 2 to 3 minutes, 3 times daily

GB20 is one of the most powerful healing points for relaxing the body & the mind.HEADACHES, RACING THOUGHTS, TINNITUS, INSOMNIA, NECK STIFF, Eye or Shoulder Pain use GB20

GB20: “Gates of Consciousness” & other names like Wind Pond, Gates of the Mind & Feng Chi opens the body’s neuro-chemicals called endorphins to mediate pain. Use this point for pain relief, sleep disorders, headaches or nose blocked, stiffness, rheumatism & migraines

For VERTIGO, HEADACHES or a STRESSED TIRED BRAIN use the B2 point, where the bridge of your nose meets your eye socket. “Drilling Bamboo Point” (B2) relieves vertigo, poor night vision, lazy eye & hay fever. It’s instinctive to press when you’ve had a bad day. Apply the pressure gradually & hold for at least 2 minutes, as you breathe deeply, if you have problems in this area.

For VERTIGO, also use GV16 in the medulla, pressing into the big hallow under the center of your skull. Apply both points together 3 to 5 times daily. Relax with your eyes closed as you continue to focus on taking, slow deep breaths for a few more minutes if you can.

OUT-of-BODY, drunk, stoned, or emotional numbness due to PTSD. Firmly press the center of your upper gum for 2 minutes with slow, deep breathing. GV26, located between the upper lip & nose, is a 1st Aid Revival Point which counteracts emotional numbness & dissociation.

CALMING ANGER – Need to calm down? . GB14 located 1 finger width above your eyebrow, in alignment with the center of your eyeball when looking straight ahead. Hold super gently with light touch & breathe slowly & deeply for 2 minutes to relieve anger & rage & even mental pressures


Instructions by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D