Don’t Destroy This Plant: It Will Give You Health and Vitality

Ribwort Plantain is all around us, but not many people what it can do.

Don’t Destroy This Plant: It Will Give You Health and Vitality

Male Ribwort Plantain plant is a perennial plant with a ground-level, narrow, bare leaves. Because the layout it is called the horse ribs, small plantain, and plantain. At the top of the plant, there are the floral spike green-brown color.

The medicinal part is the root, the leaves before flowering, after a seed maturation. Although it is believed that both plantain extremely effective, some experts prefer the male plant. Ingredients in it helps with diseases of the respiratory organs.

Exceptional natural cure for pulmonary asthma, inflammation of the alveoli, cough and even tuberculosis. It is especially suitable for children because her juice tasty, especially when sweeten with honey. Tea made out of this plant should be drunk as warm as possible.

Fresh crushed leaves are used as a compress on the place of insect stings or snake bite, or wounds that are hard to heal. The juice of fresh leaves is applied to the wound to stop bleeding and accelerate healing, prevent inflammation and to soothe pain. Also, the lining of the leaves cools and relaxes your feet after a major effort.

Female Ribwort Plantain plant (Plantago major) also is a perennial plant, but with the leaves in the form of rosettes. Ovoid in shape, while the flower body is upright and rounded with elongated floral class at the top.

The people known it as gentle and great plantain. For the treatments are used leaves, are harvested until the plant blooms. It is dried in thin layers in a cool, ventilated place, and the root is practiced throughout the year. The plant is effective in the treatment of wounds and ulcers, because it prevents inflammation. It is also used as a remedy for cough, and helps in diseases of the bladder, stomach and duodenum.

The seeds contain mucus, fatty oil, protein and sugar. Dishes of the plantain have a beneficial effect on duodenal ulcer, gastritis, regulating hemoglobin, improves appetite, and mood. Against insomnia drink a cup of tea in the morning, on an empty stomach, one to two during the day and at bedtime.

Green Juice

The juice of plantain is prepared by the well-squashed 200 g leaf plantain with 100 g nettle (Urtica shares), dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and yarrow (Achillea millefolium).

Content needs to be squeezed onto a clean linen cloth, drain, and then boiled with the removal of foam that collects on the surface. Add two tablespoons of honey, and boil it again until it thickens. When cooled, it is poured into the bottle, and in order not to spoil, add to each bottle a glass of brandy. Before use, mix with warm water (half-half).

Herbal Elixir


People who have stomach ulcers is recommended elixir of plantain. You need to blend 500 g of fresh and well washed plantain leaves.

Milled leaves and juice mix with a kilogram of honey and 50 g finely powdered resin propolis. It needs to stay for three days, mixing it occasionally with a wooden spoon.

After three days, the elixir is taken three times a day one scoop (only wooden or plastic to avoid oxidation), ten minutes before meals. It is recommended for respiratory diseases, bronchitis and pneumonia.

In addition, you should drink a cup of morning and evening tea, which is prepared from 100 g of St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) and 50 grams of sweet flag (Acorus clamus) and liquorice (Glychirrhyza glabra). Plants are mixed, and then take two teaspoons, and poured with 2.5 dl of boiling water.

Leave it to rest for half an hour, then strain and drink in small sips, before eating in the morning and before bed at night. While taking the remedy, you should avoid alcohol, fermented cheeses, chocolate, exposure to the sun or going to a tanning salon.