You Don’t Need to Buy Garlic, You Can Grow It at Your Home

Garlic has endless health properties and we use it almost every day to enrich all kind of dishes. But if you are tired of running out of garlic, you need to learn to grow it at home.

You Don’t Need to Buy Garlic, You Can Grow It at Your Home

Garlic is full of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, selenium, and manganese. You need to consume organic garlic, and the best way to do that is to grow your own garlic. Before all of that here are some benefits of garlic:

Strengthens Immunity

Did you know that regular consumption of garlic can lower risk of getting sick by 62%? This happens because garlic can fight diseases and flu, and also improve your immunity.

Protects Your Heart

Garlic can decrease high blood pressure and levels of cholesterol, and with that lower the risk of heart diseases

It Prevents Cancer

Garlic is great with preventing diseases and there are many studies that show that garlic is great when it comes to preventing garlic.

Grow Garlic at Home:

First, you need to break garlic bulb into cloves and put those cloves in a loose damp soil, few inches deep. Just put the pointed side facing outwards. It will sprout very soon, and then just water it regularly, but don’t over-water it.

When it starts blooming, cut off the flowers, in order to have great taste. And that is that!