Here Is Why Antioxidants Are Neccessary!

Antioxidants are incredibly powerful enzymes which prevent oxidation of other molecules and prevent development of diseases like cancer, heart failure, strokes, they strengthen the immune system, they protect the organism of all types of diseases of the vital organs, the preserve memory, they lower the risk of digestive tract diseases, they neutralize pain, muscle tiredness, prevent some eye diseases and have a powerful effect on the skin wrinkles.

Here Is Why Antioxidants Are Neccessary!

Because of our dynamic lifestyle, we often find compromises when it comes to food. Also, many elements like for example pollution and sun exposure contribute to our health problems. The fast lifestyle means less time for exercise, and many skip exercising or do not do it good enough when they are actually active.

All of these things are added to not only the physical but also the mental stress. If someone maintains the optimal health condition, others need to have balanced diet, to exercise and take a better care of the body to prevent health problems.

One of the best ways to avoid health problems and premature aging from free radicals is to consume more antioxidants.

Free radicals are organic molecules. They are basically atoms or a group of atoms which have an odd number of electrons which makes them unstable. Therefore-they are called radicals. These free radicals are highly reactive and can start a domino effect. These free radicals will try to react with any life cells within the body to stay stable.

The antioxidants supply additional electrons, so that the free radicals are not free anymore, but are stable molecules. Moreover, antioxidants cannot become unstable, because they are stable in any condition.

All of this is because of the division of electrons which appears between free radicals and antioxidants. Because of this effect of the antioxidants they are often called free radical cleaners. The term oxidative damage is frequently used, because the most common form of free radical which appears in the nature is the oxygen free radicals. That is where the term oxidative damage comes from. The antioxidants stop the oxidative damage of the free radicals, make them stable and help in their elimination from the body. This way they are helping in natural and efficient detoxification.

The environmental factors like sun exposure, pollution, preservatives in the food etc., can lead to free radicals. So, prolonged exposure to the sun is not recommended. Also, pollution means that even the car gases can lead to a greater exposure to free radicals. The amount of pesticides and fertilizers emitted in the environment as a result of agricultural production result in free radicals. Also, food can also have free radicals. Many products contain preservatives, artificial colorings, aromas etc. other reasons are exposure to radiation, mental stress, physical stress and intake of bad fats.

The small amount of free radicals present in the organism is tolerable, but with our current lifestyle we are constantly exposed to a lot free radicals.  Therefore – we need to fight them. If they are not free than they will start with damage of any living cells like DNA or cell membrane. The cells will not have a proper function and this can lead to serious problems like premature aging, dry skin, colds, and difficult diseases.

The power of antioxidants

Some of the powerful antioxidants are vitamin C, A, E and beta carotene which protect the organism from modern day diseases. Antioxidants will help in fighting the free radicals damage, maintain good health, strengthen the immunity etc.

Daily intake of antioxidants in the organism is important to keep the overall health and stay away from diseases.

  • Antioxidants have been connected to prevention of all types of cancer for a long time
  • The most popular reason for antioxidants consumption is their advantage in prevention of aging.
  • Antioxidants help in heart disease prevention
  • Good for eye health maintenance
  • Protection of the central nervous system