Don’t Throw Away These Bags, They Can Be Very Useful to You

When you buy something new, you usually get bags with silicone gel in it. There is a belief that these bags are toxic, but that is not true, and quite opposite, they are very useful.

If you open one of these bags, you will find white or yellow granules inside of them, and they are very useful. They will provide protection against moisture damage of household things.

You just need to seal your shoes or other things in a polyethylene container and put in their bags with silicone gel. Here are just some ways to use these bags:

Inside of a Training Bag

If you want to prevent the development of bacteria inside of your training bag, just put these bags in it, and you will have the clean and dry environment.

Save Your Phone

If your phone has got in touch with a water or if it fell into it, just put 4 or 5 bags in a bowl and put your phone in it. It will dry out your phone, and you will be able to use it again.

Put These Bags in the Wardrobe with Clean Clothes

If you want to keep the good smell of your clothes for a longer time, then you just need to put some bags with silicone gel among your clothes.

Save Your Cosmetics

To save the powder from moisture, put one of the bags in your makeup case.