Don’t Throw Away Orange Peel: Try Out These 16 Amazing Ways to Use It

Well, who doesn’t like to eat oranges, those sweet and zesty fruits that can improve our day with just one bite? If you eat oranges on daily basis, then save the peel, because there are even 16 ways to use it around your home.

Don’t Throw Away Orange Peel: Try Out These 16 Amazing Ways to Use It
  1. Orange potpourri can be made, along with complimentary flowers. Oranges have a strong scent, so you can mix it with chamomile or lavender.
  1. Orange bath – There is essential oil in the orange zest and you can use it to make a soothing bath for you.
  1. Tea – Just cut off orange zest into stripes and then dry them. Use the zest for the tea, and it will taste delicious.
  1. Natural deodorizer – Just put dried peels in a small muslin bag and put them in clothe drawers or your shoes.
  1. Body scrub – Mix coconut oil, raw sugar and zest of the orange (use a cheese grater), and make an excellent body scrub that will rejuvenate your skin.
  1. Kitchen stains – Use the orange peel to rub the kitchen stains and remove grease from your stove top.
  1. Whiten your teeth – You can rub your teeth with orange peel to whiten them, and it is very effective.
  1. An insect repellent – If you rub the peel on your skin, it will act as a natural repellent. This is because orange has a pungent flavor, just like garlic, and it can last on your skin, keeping the insects away.
  1. As a spice – Grate the peel and put it on food such as cereal, yogurt or pasta salad and have a healthy meal.
  1. Candy – You can candy the peels and have a tasty treat for you or your friends.
  1. Cleaning agent – You can infuse orange peel in a vinegar and use it to clean around your home.
  1. Orange candle – You will need two bowl-like shells of orange peel, but one of the halves should have the inner stem attached. Put a tablespoon of canola or live oil over the wick that’s jutting our of the bottom half. Light the candle and cut a hole in the top half so the oxygen can get in.
  1. Put orange peels in dry products such as brown sugar, because it will draw the moisture away.
  1. Face mask – Just mix honey and two tablespoons of orange zest until you get the paste and apply it to your skin to remove acne scars and soften your skin.
  1. Perfume for your home – Put a lot of orange peels in a pot of boiling water and your home will smell amazing.
  1. Cover bad smells – just put some orange peels in the trash bags, and it will keep bad smells away.