Easy and cheap trick to get rid of your laundry mildew smell!

Has it ever happened to you, to feel a really bad smell just right after you take out your freshly washed laundry? This is mostly due to the piled dirt and mildew hidden in the unreachable parts of your washing machine. but don’t get disappointed! There is an easy way to solve the problem.

Easy and cheap trick to get rid of your laundry mildew smell!

You will only need two ingredients. While the usual cleaning of your laundry machine might require calling special services, this is a much easier and practical way. No need to buy a new machine.

You can make your washer look and feel like a new one – on the inside. What you will need is white vinegar (16oz) and Clorox bleach! However, if these two are used at the same time they are highly toxic and poisonous. What you need to do is use one first, and then the other on a different cycle.

First, mix the bleach with an equal amount of warm water and wipe down all accessible areas with a rag previously soaked in the mix. Be careful to reach under the sealing rubber.

Regarding the areas that might be a little harder to scrub, just leave the soaked rag on the top of it for thirty minutes. Once the scrubbing is done, run the machine empty on the hottest cycle. This is to make sure that the bleach is all washed out.

When doing the second cycle, add the required amount of vinegar and keep the previously set hottest cycle. Afterwards your laundry machine will be all clean and most importantly mildew free. This “recipe” is affordable and extremely easy to do.