Every Woman Should Know How To Naturally Treat Vaginal Infections!

Vaginal candidiasis is an inflammation of the vagina mucus and vulva and one of the most frequent gynecological conditions, caused by fungus of the Candida family.

Every Woman Should Know How To Naturally Treat Vaginal Infections!

Common symptoms of this fungus infection are vaginal tickling, itching, and secretion of unusual liquids, sometimes pain when going to the toilet and during intercourse.

It is a common characteristic of all fungal infections that they need a longer time to heal and both partners as patients need to regularly use the recommended products and remedies.

The choice of method of healing and remedies types (creams, balms and vaginal suppositories) should be left to gynecology. Alternative, natural methods are also very efficient in curing fungal infections.

Natural Remedies for Fungal Infections

Dissolute etheric oils are a great measure for prevention for women that often suffer from vaginal infections, especially after an intercourse. Etheric lavender oil is very efficient to destroy candida, and it has a quite good smell as well.

Lavender etheric vaginal oil:

¼ of herb oil (St. Worth oil is the best choice), mixed with ¼ of lavender etheric oil. Apply on the vagina every day or apply half a teaspoon on a tampon and use the tampon overnight.


Garlic is an efficient antibacterial and antifungal remedy that expertly battles Candida and other vaginal infections. Everyday consumption of 2-3 garlic cloves can work miracles.

Rosemary, thyme and lavender

When prepared in tea, any of these aromatic herbs whether used for drinking or for rinsing the vagina, greatly influences bacteria destroying. Rosemary and thyme are the most potent.

St. Johns Wart

It is a great natural antibiotic that the organism can actually handle unlike pills. With vaginal infections and inflammations of the female reproduction organs, it is advisable to drink St, John’s Wart tea. Pour about a cup of boiling water over a teaspoon of the herb and cook it for 15 more minutes. Drink a quarter of a cup for three times a day. They are very efficient and you can also use tampons soaked in St. John’s Wart oil and apply it, letting it work its miracle overnight.


Grind a small onion and wrap it in gauze, applying it on the vagina for 8-12 hours. Use it for vagina mucus inflammation caused by Candida. If you are very sensitive to onion, then soak the gauze in calendula oil or tea before you use it.

Inflammation of female organs and vaginal infections remedy:

Mix a spoon of olive, soy or sunflower oil with a spoon of honey. Make a gauze tampon, soak it in the mixture and apply it overnight.

Ehinacea (a herb of the daisy family)

You have probably heard about this herb, as one of the best remedies for cold and flu symptoms. Its properties that stimulate the immune system are also useful in battling numerous vaginal infections and sexually transmissible diseases. You can use the herb to prepare a tea or to prepare a rinsing liquid.

Women that have continuous and constant issues with vaginal infections, especially with Candida, need to eliminate sugar from their diet, even fruit and include vegetables. Most beneficial food would be fish, cereal and poultry meat.