Italian Doctor Confirmed: We Can Treat Cancer with Baking Soda Because It Is a Fungus

Doctor Tulio Simonchini claims that cancer is just a fungus and it can be destroyed with baking soda. He used this technique to cure several thousands of people with all types of cancer and all treatments were effective.

Italian Doctor Confirmed: We Can Treat Cancer with Baking Soda Because It Is a Fungus

The first thing you need knows is that this therapy is not harmful at all. Dr. Simonchini stated that “We have to prove that modern oncology is unable to answer all the questions cancer patients have. It’s our moral and ethical commitment to finding the real cure for the hardest and deadliest diseases of our time.”

Cancer Is a Fungus

“About a century ago, there was a great theory that cancer is caused by malfunctioning genes, which means that the disease is intracellular. However, in my opinion, cancer is a fungal infection and a special cellular phenomenon,” stated Dr. Simonchini.

When it comes to the plant world, carcinoma is caused by fungal infections and that is also the case with humans. It is proven that fungi carry a tumor with them. Scientists believe that fungi developed after the disease appeared, but Dr. Simonchini believes that fungi were already there and that fun actually create cancer. Fungi weaken our body and immune system, and then cancer attacks our body.

Candida fungus causes every type of cancer and that was confirmed by many studies. Its histological structure is a result of the defensive measurements of the body against invasion. Our body becomes tired over the time, and that is the time when cancer appears.

Baking Soda

Fungal infections last for a long time because the main infection is more powerful than a single bacterium. According to doctor Simonchini, baking soda is the best cure for cancer.

Treatment of Cancer

Dr. Simonchini used this treatment for 20 years on many of his patients, even when doctors gave them no chances. He says that the best way to eliminate tumor is to come in contact with baking soda. He says that there are several ways to apply baking soda. For example, breast, lymph system and subcutaneous tumors can be treated with a local perfusion and internal organs should be treated with baking soda by applying it directly into the arteries. For phleboliths, you will need 500 cm of 5% or 8.4% solution. It is important to know that tumor colonies come back between the third and fourth day, and suffer a close between fourth and fifth day. Minimum of 6 days of treatment is needed. This treatment should be repeated for 4 cycles and there are no big side effects only weakness and thirst.

Main symptoms of Candida infection:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Brain fog and nausea
  • Chronic skin disorders
  • Chronic digestive disorders
  • Mood changes
  • Starch and sugar cravings

Prevention and Treatment of Candida Infection

You should go to regular check-ups because candida can lead to candidiasis and cause symptoms that mimic other diseases, which can allow the protein to attack the blood cells.

You need to eliminate foods that can feed candida, such as starch and sugar. Throw out candy, fresh fruit, rice and bread, and eat raw fruit and steamed veggies.

How Therapy Works

Baking soda will increase the alkalinity of the blood and thus destroy fungi and tumor.

For colon, stomach, oral and rectal cancer just take one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water (every morning and evening for one month).