Every woman should know this trick – here’s why!

These sanitary pads have a strong power of absorption and they are individually packed in the waterproof plastic sheeting. They are the perfect tool for a number of different alternative uses.

Every woman should know this trick – here’s why!

Best of all is that you can buy the anywhere. Here are just some of their useful purposes:

  1. Can be used to protect and cover the wounds.

They can be used as a first aid kit. The sanitary pad can perfectly serve to stop the bleeding – just press and fix the wound with bandages.

So if you do not have the proper medical equipment with you, in this way you will get work done. So, if you go hiking, skiing or any other kind of physical activity, wear sanitary pads and a band always with yourself.

  1. Can be used for water filtration

Did you know that these sanitary pads can be used to filter the dirty water? Sometimes when you find yourself in a desperate situation and are forced to drink water from an unverified source, you can use these pads.

Here’s what to do: fill a bottle with dirty water and then apply put a sanitary pad on the top. Water will be filtered, but only mechanically.

This water is not 100% safe to drink because it may still contain microorganisms (bacteria and parasites), so it is best before consumption, you can boil it.

  1. It can be used to grow the sprouts

Did you know that hygiene pads can grow some varieties of beans and alfalfa? The pads have a great ability to retain moisture. Put the pad in water, place in a glass jar that lies flat.

Then, put the seeds you want to raise them. Place the jar near the window, and after a while, you will notice how your seed sprouts.

  1. Can serve as a cleaning cloth

These small pads also function as an indestructible paper towel. Great function as small disposable towels. Better yet, buy pads that contain baking soda.

Here’s what to do: if you have a dirty microwave, clean it with a damp pad and turn the program than a minute since water vapor will soften any stain.

Then clean any dirt in it. If necessary – repeat the procedure again. Wet tray with baking soda can be used to clean the microwave oven and on its face.

The sanitary pad you can use for absorbing the melted ice in your refrigerator. Also, you can stick the pad in the refrigerator and leave it overnight – will soak all unpleasant odors!

  1. Use them as pads for shoes when you have uncontrollable sweating

Pads can sometimes replace deodorants. All you have to do is put on a pad in each shoe.

Also, in hot weather, you can fix small pieces of the pad under the armpits, and thus to prevent large circles of sweat that usually occur on the shirts you wear.

  1. It can serve as a pad for breasts

These extremely useful sanitary pads can be used very effectively if you are breastfeeding. If you do not have specialized breast pads, you can use sanitary pads.