5 Towel Habits You Need to Change in Order to Prevent Acne

If you have an acne problem, then you have probably already spent a load of money to solve this problem. And if you are reading this, none of the possible solutions actually helped. Well, maybe it is something with the towel.

5 Towel Habits You Need to Change in Order to Prevent Acne

Here are 5 tips that concern towel usage and pillowcases and that will help you prevent acne, or get rid of them.

Are Towels Clean?

Even though your towel might seem clean, it is actually full of dirty things. From dust, dirt to makeup and dead cells, your towel holds a lot of stuff you can’t even see. Since they retain moisture, they are the perfect habitat for bacteria.

So, if you use often a dirty towel to dry your face, well, your skin might suffer. Besides towels, pillowcases can be dirty too.

How Clean Are Our Pillowcases?

You probably didn’t know this fact, but our pillowcases have the same bacteria as toilet seats. That’s right! So, if when you sleep, all those bacteria end you on your face. Perfect ground for acne to develop!

So, what to do? Here are 5 tips that just might help you.

1. Clean Towel. Always!

If you are washing your face, make sure you always use a clean towel, freshly laundered. Keep in mind that even though you don’t see dirt on your used towel, it is there. And one more thing – pat dry, don’t rub your skin!

2. Paper Towel to the Rescue!


If you are bored with washing regular towels, you can use paper towels instead. At least when you are drying your skin. It is more hygienic and it has fewer bacteria on it because some of them cannot be killed with a washing cycle at 30 degrees Celsius.

This way, you are saving yourself from washing a load of towels each day and you are also keeping your skin clean.

3. Different Towels for Face, Hair, and Body


If you are taking a shower, be sure to bring three different towels in the bathroom. It is bad to use one towel for hair, body and face since you don’t want things from some parts of your body on your face, right. If you have one towel, well, then you should dry your face first, and only then the rest of your body.

4. Clean Towel on Your Pillow


The best way to protect yourself from the bacteria on your pillowcases is to put a clean towel on the pillow you sleep every night. Your skin won’t be able to pick up all the oils, dead skin cells, and other stuff from the pillow.

You can put more of them if you move a lot while you sleep, and your skin will be protected.

Change Pillowcases Each Night


If you don’t like sleeping on a clean towel, you can also try changing pillowcases every night. Or you can use one pillowcase for two nights (flip the pillow on the second night)

Find some pillowcases made of natural fibers, because they transfer less oil. Also, avoid using fabric softeners and dry sheets, since they can leave waxy residues that can clog pores.