Find Out Which 10 Simple Habits Are Damaging Your Brain!

The human brain is one of the crucial organs in the human organism, it helps us think, perform our tasks and take care of all the other organs telling them what to do. It is obvious why we must pay special attention to keeping our brain healthy and strong, not doing any damage. Damaged brain can be a root of many health problems. The World Health Organization has recently published a list of 10 daily habits than can do damage to the brain.

Find Out Which 10 Simple Habits Are Damaging Your Brain!

Top 10 Habits That Cause A Brain Damage

Skipping Breakfast or No Breakfast

Reasons for skipping breakfast are countless, but not worth it! After the body gets the 8 hour rest it needs, it asks for new, fresh nutrients! Skipping the breakfast may result in low sugar level in the blood which is bad for the health, resulting in insufficient nutrients supply to the brain and thus leading to brain degenerations. Carbohydrates are necessary for energy to endure the day.


When you are eating something delicious, often more seems less and we all sometimes forget to actually feel the fullness. Unfortunately, overeating can result in hardening the arteries in the brain which in turn decreases the mental power.


Everyone is aware that smoking is bad for the health, mostly for the lungs. But Nicotine which is found in cigarettes can be a trigger of brain shrinkages, which if occurs for a longer period of time can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Excessive Sugar Consumption

Lots of people simply like to eat sweet things and just overdo it!  Excessive consumption of sugar can interrupt the protein absorbance as well as nutrients absorbance which can result in malnutrition. Malnutrition in turn, interferes with brain developments, which is why kids should not have too much sugar.

Air Pollution

It is not really a habit, but it is important to mention that polluted air has a high price! It is a fact that our habits contribute to air pollution. Oxygen is necessary for the brain, and inhaling air which is polluted gives less oxygen to the brain which means decreased brain efficiency.

Lack of Stimulating Thoughts

Not using the brains results in brain shrinkage. Thinking, talking to yourself (while it may seem odd) and debating is the key of keeping our mind in shape. Thinking of healthy and useful this is good for the mental health, while other type of thoughts are not recommended.

Rare Talk

Introverts that do not talk a lot have a higher risk of brain efficiency decrease. Healthy, intellectual conversations actually promote brain effectiveness.

Sleep Deprivation

Quality sleep time is exclusively important for the overall well-being. Eight hour sleep gives rest to our vital organs, including the brain. Late nights have somehow become a trend nowadays, but continuous sleep deprivation stimulates brain cells death.

Head Covered While Sleeping

This seemingly non-hazardous habit actually increases the inhale of carbon dioxide. As CO2 you exhale stays around you, you just keep inhaling it, decreasing oxygen supply. This may lead to damaging the brain.

Working While Being Sick

While it is common in contemporary lifestyle, it is very dangerous for the mental health. When the body is ill, you need rest – physically and mentally. This habit might lead to damage and decreased efficiency of the brain.

Being aware of these hazardous habits, you have the power to make a change to have a healthier brain!.