Feeling Tired? Lack Of Energy? No problem!

When you feel like  you have a lack of energy, this means your organism has a need of something stimulating. If you reach for something sweet or coffee in these types of situations, according to the nutritionist William Cole, you are entering a big catch.

Feeling Tired? Lack Of Energy? No problem!

Your brain gets the primary energy from fats and sugar. The biggest number of people fighting to lose weight are entering a phase of burning the sugars.

In these periods, because of sugar crisis, your brain is tense, its function its tense, so you are feeling nervous and hungry.

Because of this exactly, William recommends to program the brain to burn the fats instead of the sugar. He emphasizes that it is necessary to eat food rich with good fats.

“When turned into energy, this type of fats last much, much longer and you will feel much more concentrated and fuller during the whole day” – explains Cole.

According to his advice, it is important to eat fish – sardine and tuna. They represent a truly healthy meal, and when combined with a green salad they can make you fuller but also increase the energy level.