How to Get Rid Of Mice With Poison-Free, Natural Home Remedies

Some people love them, some people hate them – but no matter how cute you might think they are, mice in the house are no joke.

How to Get Rid Of Mice With Poison-Free, Natural Home Remedies

They spread diseases via their urine and feces, can damage furniture with their teeth and eat whatever food you have laying around.However, using traditional means to get rid of mice can backfire by poisoning your pets, wildlife, and the environment. For this reason, it’s best to use completely natural, homemade, non-toxic remedies.

1.    Cats

This one is rather obvious but nevertheless very effective. Simply get a cat and introduce it into your home or backyard and let nature do its thing. Cats are expert hunters and mice are their favorite preys. It will take a few days for a cat to get rid of mice in your home.

Please remember that if you decide to get a cat, you need to take care of it afterward. If cats are not your thing, try some of the other options below.

2.    Peppermint Essential Oil

Mice and rats are not fans of peppermint, which is great news for you. Just take some cotton balls, add about 20-30 drops of peppermint oil to each of them, and place them around your house strategically. Make sure to refresh whenever you notice the smell fading.

Not only will your house smell great, but you’ll eliminate mice from your home!

3.    Clove Essential Oil

Cloves smell quite unappealing to mice and actually irritate them. To go a step further, it’s best to use clove essential oil, which is more powerful and longer-lasting. Take some cotton balls, put about 20-30 drops of the oil onto each of them, and place them strategically around your house and/or backyard. Just like with peppermint essential oil, make sure to refresh frequently.

4.    Humane Traps

If you have a mouse or two, and you don’t actually want to hurt them but just get rid of them, try using humane traps. These let the animals in, but not out. For this, you will need a bait (cheese, anyone?) and a trap with the directions. Simply follow the directions and make sure you don’t actually touch the mouse once it’s caught. You can then release it into the wild and keep the trap.