Great Workout For Belly, Buttocks And Thighs!

This is a new way to tone your belly, your thighs and buttocks without putting all the stress on the joints. These 5 moves all use one piece of equipment that you surely have at home – the wall!

Great Workout For Belly, Buttocks And Thighs!

Do this routine four to five times per week, but remember to do it barefoot. Slowly do ten repetitions of every exercise. If you want to have quicker results, do two sets of every exercise and additionally do at least half an hour of cardio as much as you can during the week.

  • Wall Bridge
    Start by laying on the back with the butt against the wall and arms on the sides. Bend your knees, placing your feet 3-4 feet up on the wall. Raise the lower and mid back off the floor, making sure the shoulders stay on the floor. Breathe in deeply and return to original positing as you exhale.

Harder: cross the right ankle over the left knee, only having the left leg against the wall.

Easier: do not use the wall at all, just keep the feet flat on the ground as you form a bridge.

  • Toe Reaches
    Lie on the ground and press the heels on the wall, keeping your knees straight. Raise your left shoulder off the ground and reach for the right foot. Repeat for the other side and until you’ve completed the cycle of ten repetitions.

Harder: stack your feet toe to heel.t

Easier: do not aim for the feet, but just reach the knees.

  • Knee Press
    Lie on your back with your buttocks against the wall, having the knees slightly bent and feet  3-4 feet up the wall. Then, raise the buttocks, crossing the left ankle over the right knee. while refraining from moving the rest of the body, pulse your knee towards the wall twenty times. Come back on the floor and do it with the opposite sides.

Harder: lift and lower the hips for a little bit as you press your knee.

Easier: perform the exercise with the buttocks on the ground.

  • Windshield Wipers
    Lie on the floor, face the ceiling and place your legs against the wall, touching it with the bottom of the feet. Slowly bring your left leg down the wall to the left side and return to the original position. Do the same with the other leg in the opposite direction. Alternate the sides until completing all the repetitions.

Harder: wrap an elastic band for exercising around the right foot and hold both ends at the left hip to add more resistance. Do all of the repetitions and only then change the leg and continue.

Easier: you can keep the buttocks a bit away from the wall when performing the exercise.

  • Wall Scissors
    Start by placing your buttocks close to the wall, bend the knees and feet on the wall. Raise the hips and put your elbows on the ground and the hands on the hips for support of the lower body. Walk up the feet up the wall but make sure the legs are straight. Then, lower the left leg in the direction of your head, still keeping the legs straight. Alternate the legs until complete the goal of repetitions.

Harder: pulse 2-3 times when lowering your leg, moving it up and down and go back to original position.

Easier: start with the hips 3-6 inches away from the wall.