With Just One Ingredient Ann Cameron Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer

For those who don’t know Ann Cameron is a famous children’s book writer and she has about 15 famous books written. Sadly, Ann was diagnosed stage-3 colon cancer back in 2012.

With Just One Ingredient Ann Cameron Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer

Ann first met with this deadly disease in 2005 when her husband died from lung cancer. She watched as this severe disease took her husband after many chemotherapy treatments.

So, when she found out she had colon cancer, she decided to try out alternative treatments. First, she had a surgery, but she refused to take chemotherapy treatment.

On the quest to find a better treatment Ann found a story of Ralph Cole where he said he managed to fight skin cancer just by consuming about 5 pounds of organic carrot juice every day.

Ann decided to try this treatment and started taking carrot juice for two months and then she went for a medical check-up. Colon cancer stopped spreading and her inflamed lymph glands and tumors decreased in size.

After 16 weeks, tumor decreased to a small size, and after 24 weeks, tests showed that her colon cancer disappeared.

Since Ann saw all the bad side effects of chemotherapy on her husband, she decided to give the natural treatment a chance and she made a right decision.

Research done with carrots showed that this veggie is full of Falcarinol, which is an antioxidant that has anticancer properties. There were some studies done in the United Kingdom and Denmark, and in both studies, it was discovered that the carrot juice had an effect on cancer.

Scientists used lab mice for their experiment and carrot juice managed to cure cancer in the third of the lab mice. There is also a belief that carrot juice is great in the treatment of breast cancer because increased carotenoid levels in their bodies is a great anti-cancer agent.