Do You Know How To Dispose Used Cooking Oil? You Can Even Make Biodiesel Fuel!

Do you know where to dispose kitchen oil after you use it?

Do You Know How To Dispose Used Cooking Oil? You Can Even Make Biodiesel Fuel!

Share this message, the nature will be thankful. We could actually say that everybody wins.

Maybe you know, but it is always good to share that sort of a message. In most cases, even when we do not fry a lot, we dispose the used oil in the kitchen sink.

That is the biggest mistake we can make with used oil. Why do we do it? The answer to this question is simple “No one told us the right way of disposal. “

The best thing we can do with used oil is to strain it in a plastic cup, close it tightly and throw it in the garbage.

Why do we emphasize this? Because one liter of oil pollutes, believe it or not, approximately one million liters of clean water. This amount of water is what an average human spends for full 14 years.

Something else you can do is create fuel! That is right! Biodiesel is the answer.

  • First filter the oil through a filter (a pair of old jeans works just fine). Be aware this is going to take awhile.
  • Allow it to sit for water to be collected and be removed.
  • For every liter of oil, add about 7 oz. of pure Methanol and 0.10 oz. of lye (NaOH type, at least 97%) in a container, preferably HDPE, seal it tightly and shake until the lye is dissolved in the methanol.
  • Heat the oil to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Add the oil and the mixture of lye and methanol in a big blender that seals. Close it tightly and blend on low option for half an hour.
  • Pour it in a PET bottle and leave it for 12-24 hours, the longer – the better.
  • Now, pour off the biodiesel you just prepared but make sure not to include the glycerol layer that is at the bottom.
  • Pour in your car and drive!

And last, but not least – make sure you have a diesel car!