Agitation of Oil Inside The Mouth – Detoxify Your Body, Boost Immunity and Energy

This method is great for tumors, cramps and nerve diseases as well as various blood diseases. However, be cautious not every oil is for agitation. You need one table  spoon maximum of olive, sunflower or sesame oil that you will mildly gargle in your mouth for 20 minutes a day.

Agitation of Oil Inside The Mouth – Detoxify Your Body, Boost Immunity and Energy
  1. Karach presented new approach of healing at the Congress of Ukrainian Oncologists and Bacteriologists Association . His procedures are doubtful for many, although it is fairly easy to test his methods, all you need is to try it out.

It is about the often agitation of oil inside the mouth, and this eliminates toxins from the body while at the same time boosting the immunity. This enables the organism to solely battle the diseases without consumption of expensive often non-efficient medicines.

Doctors claim that agitation is a great solution for thrombosis, arthrosis, paralysis, stomach ulcers, female organs diseases but also for simple issues that bother an average person like headache or bronchitis.

If you did the procedure like you’re supposed to, than the fluid you will spit out will be as white as milk. Afterwards, cleanse your mouth and brush your teeth.

It is ideal to start doing this in the morning on an empty stomach. If you want to quickly get rid of the issues you have, repeat this 3 times a day but always on empty stomach. The therapy lasts as long as necessary for the organism to recover. You will see the efficiency of the method when you wake up the next day rested, full with energy. Acute diseases require four days of this therapy, and chronic ones would require a period up to a year. In the beginning of the process you might feel some symptoms and higher temperature, but no worries – this is a sign that the body is working to get clean and get rid of the toxins. The process of healing has started!

Bad diet and today’s stress level may decrease the immunity strength, and this is where this method steps in. It will also help maintaining dental help, especially with periodontitis.