Pain in Heel or Plantar Fasciitis: Here’s How to Get Rid of It

Plantar fasciitis (heel spine) – Calcar calcanei – the bulging of the heel bone usually considered to be a reactive bone formation due to a chronic mechanical overload of the heel, and that irritation when walking on it causes pain. It occurs more often in older people and people who, because of their profession stand a lot. It is characterized by severe pain in the middle of the heel.

Pain in Heel or Plantar Fasciitis: Here’s How to Get Rid of It

Painful symptoms happen in the first steps after sleeping or sitting too long, and they appear in the heel or on its inner surface. Heel pain can be so unbearable that people complain of a feeling of the presence of spurs in the heel.

Traditional methods of treatment as more effective than any ointment purchased at a pharmacy.

The simplest treatment of pain in the heel- slowly, several times a day hit the floor with the heel, which increases circulation and metabolism of calcium, prevents deposition of salt.

With pain, it helps to use the potato wrap. You should wash the potatoes and grate it without peeling. Put the mixture on the gauze and attach to the sore spot. Wrap the nylon bag and put your socks on. The wrap needs to be changed daily. Duration of treatment – 7-8 days.

Wrap with honey and salt. Mix honey and salt (in the same proportion), and apply it to the sore spot. Put a piece of gauze, and wrap it with a nylon bag. Wear socks and sleep in them.

Medicinal Tinctures with Aspirin

10 tablets of aspirin (200 mg) crush in a powder and pour 250 ml brandy (or 70% ethyl alcohol, medical) and leave for 1-2 days.

Every evening, shake the tincture and dip into it a piece of folded gauze. Place wrap on the heel, wrap it with a nylon bag and put your shoe sock. Leave overnight. In the morning, wash with water, wipe and apply a cream for legs.

If there are cracks, calluses or bunions and hard deposits on the feet, this procedure will also be effective.