Read Your Personality Just by Looking at the Size of Your Hand

There are 27 bones, 29 joints and 123 ligaments in your hand. All of them make possible for you to grip, communicate and move your hands. Besides that, your hands can do one more thing, they can indicate your personality.

Read Your Personality Just by Looking at the Size of Your Hand

There are a lot of personality traits marked on your hands, and just need to know how to read them. First, you need to measure your hands.

You don’t need measure tape for this because you will need a relative size. How to find that? Easy!

You need to form a 45-degree angle with your left arm and elbow. Move your right hand and put your thumb on the inside of your elbow, and stretch your hand towards your wrist. If you cannot reach it, you have small hands, and if you can, then you have large hands.

Large hands: People who have large hands are usually perfectionists. They have an eye for details and they like to work a lot, even when the deadline is near, they always have a solution.

Large hands also mean more sensitivity in life, especially when it comes to criticism.

Small hands: People with small hands are free spirited and adventurous. Rough waters cannot do them harm because they have excellent problem-solving skills to help them when needed.

Relationships are a bit dramatic with these persons, but they have big hearts and lots of love to give.

Shape of hands

People with square palms are very logical and good at math. They don’t rely on intuition, and they prefer real situations and thinking.

People with rectangular palms are intuitive and they solve problems using their gut, even when the facts are on the other side.