Simple and Amazing: Put A Clothespin On Your Ear and See What Happens

We all feel pains, tiredness, and aches from time to time, and we do our best to improve our health and body. If you too are working on improving your body and mind, this simple trick will amaze you.

Simple and Amazing: Put A Clothespin On Your Ear and See What Happens

This interesting method is practiced by using clothespins and putting them on different spots on your ears. Why ears you ask? Because each ear has a complete reflex map of the body full of nerve endings and numerous connectors to the central nervous system. There are 6 spots on your ears that are linked to different parts and organs in your body.

The Upper Part of the Ear

This part of the ear is linked to the shoulders and back, and just by applying pressure to this place for a minute, you will feel pain and tension-free in those areas.

The Top of the Ear’s Curve

If you feeling tired or unpleasant, you just need to put a clothespin on this spot and you will feel better in a no time.

The Upper-Middle Part of the Ear

This spot is connected to the joints and when you apply the pressure on in, you will get rid of stiffness or pain.

The Lower-Middle Part of the Ear

If you put a clothespin on this spot, you will eliminate problems linked to throat and sinuses. If you want to get rid of that stiffy nose, just put a clothespin on your ear for a minute.

Just Above the Earlobe

This spot is linked with digestion, so just by applying a clothespin, you will decrease stomach and digestive pain.


The earlobe is linked to the heart and head, so when you apply pressure to it, it will eliminate migraines and pressure headaches.