Simple But Extremely Beneficial Homemade Houseplant Fertilizer!

Any houseplant needs fertilizer and additional nutrients from time to time, especially in the vegetative period and in the period of flowering.

Simple But Extremely Beneficial Homemade Houseplant Fertilizer!

This barm yeast will help to initiate increased growth and flowering for even the hopeless plants.

Phyto-hormones, vitamins of the B group and auxine, which are all found in the yeast barm, actively stimulate cell division and plant growth.

This type of additional fertilizing is used by professional plant growers.

Thanks to this fertilizer, the activity of the microorganisms in the soil suddenly increases and with that so does that content of carbon dioxide which has a special beneficial influence to the root system and the outside look of the plant itself.

Therefore, if you want for your plants to be healthy and have a long and rich period of flowering, you can prepare this fertilizer.

Fertilizer recipe:


  • 35 oz. of fresh barm yeast
  • One teaspoon of sugar
  • A liter of warm water


Dissolve the barm yeast in the water, add the sugar and stir. Leave it for minimum of 2 hours.

This kind of solution should be used to water the plant for two times per month in the fall-winter period and once per every 10 days in the spring-summer season.

You will notice how the leaves will become greener, and the flowers richer and fuller.