19 Genius Answers To The Question “Why Re-use Coffee Grounds Instead Of Throwing Them Away?”

You are used to washing your mug right after you finish your coffee and you throw away the coffee grounds. Many people are not aware that this is a very pragmatic and economic way to do many things around the house.

19 Genius Answers To The Question “Why Re-use Coffee Grounds Instead Of Throwing Them Away?”

Coffee grounds are used for many things, all the way from beauty care to house care.

House Care

1)Clean the stubborn stains from the tiles or the kitchen cabinets

Just mix the coffee grounds with soap water and rub the stain.

2) Clean the dirty grill

The granular texture of the coffee grounds helps to remove accumulated grease.

3) Unclog the sink

If the sink is clogged, sip the coffee grounds, then pour some liquid soap in a cup of boiling water.

4) Get rid of flees on your pets

When you give a bath to your pet, rub some coffee grounds in their fur after shampooing, before rinsing.

5) Remove furniture scratches

Mix coffee grounds with vinegar and warm water and use the mixture to gently rub the scratched surface. Use cotton fabric to remove remains from the mixture.

6) Clean the pots and pans

Use this method only if the stains are otherwise impossible to get rid of.

7) Use it in cookie dough

You can add fresh coffee grounds instead of milk, to add on the rich coffee flavor.

8) Spice up the meat flavor

When caramelized, coffee grounds forms a layer which keeps the juiciness of the meat. This gives a bittersweet flavor to your barbeque.

9) Get rid of garlic smell

After you are done chopping garlic, rub some coffee grounds in your hands. This will neutralize the smell.

Beauty care

10) Get rid of under-eye bags

Mix coffee grounds with water and make a paste. Apply the mix on the affected area and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse afterwards.

11) Get rid of cellulite

Make a mix of coconut oil and coffee grounds. Massage this mix onto the affected area, leave it for a couple minutes and rinse. Do this every day for two weeks and you’ll notice the difference.

12) Clean the face

Mix a teaspoon of coffee grounds and a few drops of olive oil. Use this to clean the face. This will hydrate the skin, make it cleaner and shinier.

13) Wash your hair

Coffee grounds will do a great job cleaning your hair. The brunettes will keep and enrich their color, because coffee also dyes the hair.

In the garden

14) Fertilizer

Rich with nitrogen, coffee grounds are good as fertilizer because warms adore it. Use fresh grass and leaves with coffee grounds.

Do not use this mix right away. Some time is necessary for the compost to be of use.

15) Keep snails away

Instead of salty garden, just spray coffee grounds around the flower ally.

16) Easier carrot cultivation

Mix coffee grounds with carrot seeds before you plant it. It will grow out easily.

17) Change the flower color

This especially works for hydrangea because their color is easy to manipulate. Add the coffee grounds in the soil and the pH level will do its job and make them blue.

Creative purposes

18) Color

Mix the coffee grounds with water and you can get good “sepia” effect.

19) Make the old wood seem like new

A teaspoon of coffee grounds, a bit of vinegar, cleaning wire and an old jar is all you need. Put the cleaning wire and the coffee grounds on the bottom of the jar and fill it with vinegar. Leave the mix resting for a day. The vinegar will dissolve the cleaning wire and you’ll be able to use it. After 24 hours, pull out the wire and paint wood with it. Leave the layer to dry out and then clean the rest and apply another layer.