The Sun Makes Us Happier! There Is Proof!

Have you ever wondered how the Sun makes you happier? Researchers from Brigham Young University in Utah, USA, observed how the mood is changing between the sunrise and the sunset.

The Sun Makes Us Happier! There Is Proof!

The results showed that when the sun is out it has a large effect over the mental condition of everyone, even more than other factors like temperature, pollution and rain.

The study developed a conclusion that people are less happy when the day is shorter and there is less sun, and contrary to this, they were happier when the day was longer and when they were exposed to more sunlight.

The results were concluded when the researchers studied the meteorological data from the Station for Physics and Astronomy of the university and the data for pollution from the Agency for Environment Protection of USA.

The author of the study Mark Becher had a public statement:

“During a rainy day or a polluted day, people think that they have more diseases. But we did not look at this. We observed the sunlight or the amount of sun light which actually touches the Earth. We tried to consider the cloudy days, the rainy days, the pollution… but they were all opted out. What really mattered was the timeframe since the sunrise until the sunset.”

The next time when you are exposed to the sun, you’ll know it is not only good for your tan, but also for the mental health.