Try This Easy And Simple Japanese Relaxation Technique!

Most of us are familiar with acupuncture and its concept: stress reduction, healing of illness, pain or trauma relief. However, there is a similar Japanese healing technique that most people don’t know, namely it is called “Jin Shin Jyutsy”. This type of therapy is highly beneficial, utilized for depression treatment, stress and anxiety relief, neck and back pain treatment, treatment of sciatica and similar issues.

Try This Easy And Simple Japanese Relaxation Technique!

This method was first used in the United States by an Asian-American woman named Mary Burmeiste. She introduced this therapy in the 50’s and claimed to have learned the method by a Japanese expert Juro Murai.

Basically, all you need to do is pull and squeeze different fingers in a specific order to take care of anxiety, depression, anger, fear and all sorts of negative emotions which link to the fingers in different circumstances. To sum up, this sort of technique aids in achievement of spiritual and emotional peace and happiness. It is a wonderful energy healing technique because it can be used at any time and any place for people of all ages!

In fact, many young children unconsciously use this technique. When a child sucks its thumb or its fingers to comfort himself that is precisely using this energy healing technique.
You can do this technique whenever your hands aren’t occupied.

First you have to realize that energy runs through your body just like the blood does. The yoga practice teaches that the energy runs through the channels and that this energy is what allows your body to move and be. Perhaps it is easiest to understand if you think of your body as a house that always has electricity running through it. However, if the switches are down or open that means the lights are off. If the switches are up or the circuit is complete, the lights will come on. As you hold each finger, you effectively complete the circuit and help the lights in your body to come on. Each finger is connected to specific organ system in your body and thus to an emotion. So, if I am feeling worry I am going to hold on to my thumb. You can remember it in this order with a funny analogy:

  • Wild – Worry (thumb)
  • Flowers – Fear (index finger)
  • Ask – Anger (middle finger)
  • Silly – Sadness, grief and guilt (ring finger)
  • Things – Trying to… low self-esteem (pinky)

Or you can make up your own!

The process is pretty simple, you just have to decide what you are going to work on. So, if you are experiencing an emotion now, then by all means choose the finger attached to that emotion or if you are watching a sitcom and you have a bit of time sitting in front of your TV, just run through all the fingers. You need to either stand or sit quietly, and hold the finger gently with the opposite side for 2 minutes. While you do this you want to notice how you feel, what is going on and you want to breathe. Usually, you will begin to feel a pulse, either at the top or the bottom of your finger and gradually the pulse will build and fill the entire finger. You will know that this is the energy because for most of us our pulse is not strong enough in our hand to feel anywhere but in the thumb. Sometimes you will not feel a pulse, but that does not mean it is not working. Sometimes it just has more to overcome.

The point is to have a simple, easy, energy healing technique that you can use anytime.