If You Want to Lose Belly Fat and Double Fat Loss, Introduce Cumin to Your Diet

Cumin is traditionally used in Mexican, Indian and North African dishes. It has been around for decades and cumin is a key component in chili and curry powder.

If You Want to Lose Belly Fat and Double Fat Loss, Introduce Cumin to Your Diet

There are many studies that show the effects of cumin on fat loss. The Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice journal published a study in which the scientist proved the effects of this spice on overweight women.

They conducted a study on 88 obese and overweight women and they randomly split them into two groups. Both groups received nutrition important for their health, and their daily intake of calories was decreased by 500. The difference between these two groups is that one group ate 3 grams of cumin powder a day (that is less than one teaspoon). They ate it swirled in 5 ounces of yogurt. The other group received only yogurt without cumin.

Study results

Three months later the study has shown that women who ate yogurt with cumin lose an average of 50% more weight than the other group. But that is not it. They decreased body fat percentage by 14.4%, which is almost three times more than the control group.

There were some other improvements too. Women who ate cumin decreased blood level fats, and also their triglycerides decreased by 23 points.

This study showed that cumin can help with diabetes and heart problems, as well as problems related to high triglyceride levels. It can also help with prevention of cholesterol absorption. You can use cumin to fight insomnia, anemia, respiratory problems, and skin disorders. Black cumin acts as anti-coagulant, anti-carcinogenic, hypoglycemic, immune-modulatory, neuro-protective, hepato-protective, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent.