Control Your Diabetes and Restore Function of Kidneys and Liver with This Seed

Birdseed or canary seed is one of the healthiest seeds in the world. People often don’t know the health properties of this mighty seed and they only feed their birds with it. But, if you consume it regularly, it can improve your health on so many levels.

Control Your Diabetes and Restore Function of Kidneys and Liver with This Seed

There are many nutrition facts of birdseed and these are just some of them:

Since birdseed contains high amounts of lipase enzyme, your digestion will work better. Lipase enzyme breaks down the fat cells and they can be absorbed much faster through the intestine. Because this enzyme has a high nutritional value, it will do well when it comes to reducing the symptoms of celiac disease and indigestion.

Also, scientists say that birdseed contains all kinds of vegetable proteins.

Health Benefits of Birdseed

This is a very healthy seed and it can slow down the aging process and tightens your skin. Birdseed can help control diabetes and regenerates pancreas. You can use it to reduce swelling of internal organs and pancreas, liver, and kidneys.

This seed can prevent arteriosclerosis and it can be very useful when it comes to recharging the kidney enzymes. When it comes to hypertension, you can use birdseed to cure other diseases such as gout, edema, swollen abdomen, gastritis and stomach ulcers. You can also remove cirrhosis and reduce inflammation.

Birdseed Milk Recipe

You just need to soak 5 tablespoons of birdseed in water and leave them there overnight. Next morning, strain the water and put seeds in a blender. Add some fruit in you want and soy milk and honey. Don’t add sugar. Blend it well. Drink it every morning and before you go to bed and you will energetic and healthy.