12 Fitness Rules

Fitness is a science and it has own rules which in one moment you will learn the easier or the harder way. Some things simply work, others don’t. Your body is a perfectly programmed machinery and will charge every mistake you will make. In order not to have this, follow these rules.

12 Fitness Rules
  1. You must not skip the basics

We all want fast results, but in fitness the goal does not justify the means, and there’s no room for ego. Skipping the basics will not bring you any good, regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. There’s no shortcut, nor a magical formula. The results you see in professionals are thanks to the strict following of the basics. This means correct exercising. Once you notice losing the balance or make inadequate movements, stop and remember the moment when you learned the exercise and check where you are making a mistake.

  1. Focus on quality not quantity

This rule goes for everything you thought when you read it. It does not matter how many hours your training lasts, but how effective it was. If you can stay 2 hours in the gym, it means you are losing time in conversation and taking pictures or you are not doing your maximum. It does not matter how heavy lifting you are doing or how big are your muscles. There are other parameters that measure the success like condition, flexibility, agility, cardiovascular health and healthy weight. Also, the series of countless repetitions will not help you to solve the problem with excessive fats, no matter how much you sweat.

  1. Do not ignore flexibility

Try to do simple yoga movements and you will realize why. You will be surprised from your rigidness besides going to the gym. Flexibility is the key in protection of the muscles, the joints and the ligaments. It will give you force and stability in all activities.

  1. Give yourself time to rest

To be in good shape does not mean to move in the gym. You should not fall down from muscle pain after every training, listen to your body. Give yourself time to rest for a day or two after a heavy exercising. You will come back stronger, better and more focused. Let the muscles rest and you will notice better progress.

  1. We all need a trainer

A trainer knows much from own experience. Somebody who will know how to motivate you when needed and stop you when you think you can skip a few levels or only throw your anger in the gym, unaware of the injury risk.

  1. Changes in lifestyle are a must

If you haven’t felt this, there will be a moment when you realize where it comes from. Your body will tell you when it is enough. You cannot have bad food and drink alcohol forever and fix this the next day with a heavy training. The body does not easily forgive these bad habits. One day it will result with metabolism changes, hormones or muscle mass.

  1. Quality sleep is obligatory

This is part of the previous rule. Not sleeping disturbs a large number of body functions and accumulation of fats. Our body produces growth hormone and testosterone even while we sleep, and those are two of the most important hormones for a regular muscle growth. Besides, quality sleep improves cognitive functions, so if you change your habits you will see improvement in your whole life.

  1. Be consistent

It does not matter while you were at the gym today, or if you are going tomorrow. It matters whether you will be there the next month too and the next year. Do not force yourself to exercise 5 days per week for 2 months to only give up afterwards. You will give good and bad sessions and that does not always depend on your mood or energy levels. During worse days, decrease the intensity and focus on the breathing.

  1. Every movement is equally important

Whether you are warming up or doing the last repetition, do it as if it is the most important movement and do your maximum. Some people want to be done faster when it’s hard, others don’t pay attention, but wrong movement leads to habits that can easily take you to the doctor.

  1. Be realistic in your expectations

Make sure your trainings are in accordance to your daily obligations. Too full fitness plan can only frustrate you, as can your goal. You need to have high expectations, but make sure those are realistic. If you want to lose 10lbs, make a goal to do it in 3 months but take into account your readiness to strictly obey all rules and changes. If you are not honest to yourself, fitness will quickly become a fight with you and your time and this won’t be good.

  1. Food is crucial

This may be the most important rule. If you want results, you will have to be careful with the food. Follow the food plan without exceptions. Drink lots of water. Avoid processed foods, each one contains some “forbidden” substance for you and what matters even more is that there’s no nutritive value which your body needs to get rid of excessive fats and feed the muscular system. Take supplements if needed.

  1. Forget the weight-scale

The numbers are not that important. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat have a different volume and manifest on your looks. Follow your progress through the looks. Make photos in certain time intervals, to compare them later, measure yourself or the clothes you wear. The weight-scale can point to changes, but don’t let it be your basic measure for how far you have gotten.