One Year Body Transformation – From Fat to Fit

I did this video with one  purpose only, to inspire people that are trying to change their lives. I accomplished my goal, but even with that accomplishment I still didn’t feel perfect nor do I think that I finished my job.


I’m happy in the moments when I make my plans a reality. I had  two loose skin surgeries (on my chest and stomach) from a reason that I wanted to cross the limits, again. The surgeries were tough. I have scars and strech marks and i’m not sure if I will ever get rid of them. They will be a reminder for all the things I’ve been trough.


For all those people that ask themselves how can I start working out. The answer lies in you. With experimentation and persistence you are finding out what works for you the best.

I’ve tried many things, and many of those things didn’t have any results. But I found one thing that always worked. Persistence. Be the inspiration to people. Be patient and persistent. That’s the key to anything, not only fitness.


This time, you see me in my best shape.


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