Get Better Results When Going to the Gym!

Whenever we want better results for the time and energy we invest in the gym, we turn towards higher control of diet, more intense trainings, and sometimes even equipment of better quality. However, we often make mistakes in the gym, which make us to unconsciously sabotage the effects from the training.

Get Better Results When Going to the Gym!

How to get better results?

We often talk about what and how you should do things in the gym, but it is time to talk about what you should Not do if you want better results:

  • Do not mix up the intense exercising and the progress

To have progress it is necessary to invest more in your trainings, but the other way does not always come up with results. The intense trainings are not always the key to better results. The progress happened from different aspects and not every type of intense training will bring you the desired results. For example, exercising with 30lbs in 60 series repetitions is equally hard as the exercise with hard weight of 50lbs in 10 repetitions, but these 2 types of training will give completely different results. The first one will provide mild, long-term muscle growth, while the second one will give progress with long-term effects for the muscle mass. Do not spent your energy for nothing. Make a decision to have your focus!

  • Never go for more weight before you perfect the form

We know that exercises with bigger weight bring larger results, but not for any price. If you are too fast with weight increase, you will also increase the risk of injury. The form of doing it is especially important for exercises that include complex movements. Instead of thinking how much weight to lift, follow your movement and if necessary talk to your fitness instructor.

  • You should never be led by other people’s training programs

Looking how others get better results you could easily get trapped to exercise like them. This will more likely result in more damage, because of differences like body shape, strength, condition, fitness level and many more. It is always good to see how the people around you move, but this does not mean that you should do exactly the same. Follow a custom mace program and you will see the results in shortly.

  • Do not move your focus away from the training

There are many factors in the gym which can remove your attention from the exercise you are doing. Although most of them seem not dangerous, non-careful exercising can bring about serious injuries. Avoid talking with people around you, texting or setting up the music. Get everything done before you start and focus on the breathing and the body signs.

  • Do not ignore any body parts

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes for people going to the gym, because of two reasons. The first is focusing too much on just one body part, because our body is designed to work in harmony. You will cause disproportional development of the body which can result with bad looks and disharmony in the body functions, like movement. The second reason is shame. If everyone around you can do harder exercises for legs, for example. It is possible that you feel ashamed and this will make you replace your training with a scheme for the muscles you think are your stronger side. In moments like these, remember that you are in the gym to work on improvement and not to show off.